Looking to Buy?

If you're looking to buy, look no further. I am constantly scanning the MLS system for hot, new listings and potential deals for my clients. I stay in touch with current market trends and can help buyers (both first-time and seasoned) make informed decisions about purchasing properties.

The Best Deals FIRST

Using a real estate agent to buy a house or property is essentially a FREE SERVICE, as it is the SELLER who normally pays all real estate fees. Also, since RE/MAX Niagara has 42% market share, almost half of all new listings come through our office first. Therefore, I have access to these properties before they hit the public MLS system, and can show them to my clients first.

Not Just Home Buying

Many people need to purchase their first home, others are looking for investment properties, and so on. No matter what your need is, if you are looking to purchase or rent a property, I am here to represent you through the process and find the right fit for you. I can assist with any of the following:

Rest assured that I will help you make informed decisions about choosing your next property.

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