About Me

Education / Certifications

Bachelor of Business Administration
Brock University, St. Catharines, ON
Real Estate Sales Representative Designation
Real Estate Broker Designation
Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

My name is Andrew Muraco, and I am a proud, top-producing real estate broker working for RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd. Real estate has always been a passion of mine, and I want to use that passion to help you find your home or investment property. I will work for you and with you ensuring that you get the results you deserve.

My Dedication to You
My goal is to develop a strong rapport with you as a client. When I provide service to you, I will always put you first as I am a dedicated, full-time real estate broker. This is what I do, and only this. This ensures my clients will receive professional, timely service any time they need it. I have no nights that I will not be able to service you because I will be "at my other job". I will work day and night when necessary to find you the house that suits your needs or to get your property sold quickly.

My Knowledge of Niagara Markets
I have a vast knowledge of the Niagara region, as I have lived here my entire life and have worked here for my entire working career. I study the Niagara housing markets, the commercial property markets, area income brackets, and other important housing trend infomration on a regular basis. This allows me to identify appropriate deals and work with you in a timely manner.

My Passion
I am a passionate individual in general, and my passion for my work is no different. I selected Real Estate as the industry I want to spend my career flourishing in, and I have never looked back as my passion keeps me going. I will go the extra mile to get the job done for you because I WANT to - it's simply how I function.

My Affiliation with RE/MAX
With over 70 agents, RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd. is one of the largest and most successful Real Estate Brokerages in the Niagara Region. We work to provide first-rate service to all customers and possess unparalleled negotiating skills, and it shows—RE/MAX Niagara holds more than 42% market share in Niagara Falls. This means that before properties for sale are released into the public system for all real estate brokerages and agents to see, RE/MAX agents see 42% of them first, hence giving me more the chance to find you better deals before others potential buyers can see them.

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